Great meetings with Teachers

As a math coach, I meet with groups of teachers in PLCs (professional learning group).  Each group is made of 4 – 5 teachers.   I just finished a round of PLC meetings with my grade 4 teachers.  I was very excited with these meetings.  We focused on their upcoming unit of geometry, where we looked at the assessment and what standards need to be taught in this unit.  After that I shared some resources that as a math teacher I love.  The first was Estimation180  .   I had the teachers pretend to be students and make estimates on the different scenarios.  We did about 5 or 6 activities, and most of teachers had a blast with it, got very serious about it, and a little competitive with it.   We talked about ways to make estimating part of their daily routines.  I next shared the site Same But Different.   We talked about how this is a great way to build reasoning and discourse with students and how it can review topics (fractions, multiplication, etc) already covered.  Teachers again seem to be excited.  The last thing I shared was a Pinterest page Mrs. Muir Pinterest Page  I have created specifically for school.  What I did was start a page where I have pinned anchor charts that I have created or that I have found to be helpful with out curriculum. I also made a folder of math ideas.  One of the things I pinned was making angles with door frame.  One of my teacher took this idea and ran and actually made one.  See picture below!door angles


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