Two things

As a math coach, I work with teachers to help them be the best math teachers they can be.  Recently there were 2 things I did or suggested while working with some of my teachers that seemed to go really well so I


thought I would write about them.

First was an activity called sum it up!   I created sets of 4 cards.   The teacher put students in groups of 4 to have them solve the problems on the cards.  The students then had to take all 4 answers and add them up.  The only thing the teacher checked was the total.    It was a great like start of the class task while teacher checks homework or takes attendance.   Really promoted great student discourse and opportunities to put math practice 3 into action.sum it up pic

The other was the creation of a life sized multiplication chart built with arrays.  The teacher used 1 inch graph paper for students to create all the arrays for 0 – 10 multiplication problems.   This really helped students to see conceptually how multiplication works and make sense of the different problems visually.  Students are excited to see their hard work on display and often refer to it when doing problems with multiplication.

multiplication array wall


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